Rules and Roleplaying Standards

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Rules and Roleplaying Standards

Post by Krontical on Fri Jul 04, 2014 4:10 pm

General Rules

1.) No Meta-Gaming. You may not use OOC information to aid in roleplay, and you can't distribute information via OOC to help others in roleplay.

2.) No prop climbing. This is using entities or props to climb up walls, over obstacles, ETC.

3.) Do not lol-run. All actions must be preformed.

4.) Do not use any side-scripts, such as wall hacks, aim-bots, ETC, or you will be banned.

5.) Do not RDM anyone any under circumstance. RDM = Random Death Match, and that is to kill anyone without preforming, using logic, or doing not doing it under any IC motives.

6.) No power-gaming. This is when a character forces his actions on another, or if you decide to do something as silly as stand up and punch some one in the face after getting shot four times.

7.) Use logic! I can not stress this enough. If you don't use logic, chances are is that your actions will be voided.

8.) Avoid ERP'ing in chat. Just do it over steam. No one wants a thirteen year old role-player to walk by and see what you and your partner do in your bed. Along with it, you may only do it if the other player is willing. If they are not, then you may not ERP with him or her.

9.) Respect other players. Don't insult others, staff or regular player. Treat others how you want to be treated.

10.) Remember to FearRP. If you see something horrifying or if you're unarmed and about to die, act like it. Don't be a hero unless your character has some serious guts.

Bullets: Bullets. They hurt. They're designed to kill. Understand this. If you get shot, your character is going to be in a lot of pain.

If you get shot in the arm, don't expect to use it for a few hours. If you get shot in the leg, you better start crawling. Get shot in the stomach? You might want to seek a Helix or medic to help you. Get shot in the torso? Ta-Ta. Keep in mind, if you get shot, you're going to have to roleplay your disability for as long as your character is alive. If a fifty caliber rips your arm off, you can either patch it, use a hook or pole, and if your character is extremely smart with technology, make a basic prosthetic.

Snipers: Snipers! The big bad-ass guns that will stop your character from ever walking again with a click of the trigger. There's a reason why they're so overpowered. So few people can use them.

You have to calculate wind, distance, bullet drop, velocity, recoil, and scope alignment. If you're trained with a sniper rifle and have those authorizations, great! Then this doesn't apply to you. If you're untrained with a sniper rifle and you want to shoot at somebody, it's going to be a roll situation. You have to roll THIRTY points higher than the other person in order to hit them.

Zombies. "Holy fucking shit!", "What is that thing?!", "Run for your fucking life!" are typical reactions for some one who sees a zombie. Although they may look cartoony in Half Life, keep in mind how horrific those things would be if you were in your characters shoes. Some creature, soaked in blood, it's head being digested, and its stomach ripped open with intestines pouring out. Honestly, when I was five and my father introduced me to Half Life 2, I cried when I saw them.

Don't run in guns blazing attacking a zombie. Remember, gunfire will attract other zombies, and so will humans. You fire a bullet off at them when you're in a group with three other humans, and you'll be swarmed in minutes.

Pulse Rifles: Pulse Rifles! Y'know, those things that will tear off your limbs? Those!

Yeah, pulse rifles can't be used by just anyone.They have bio-locks, a high kick, and high technology systems. If you're a rebel, you won't be able to squeeze the trigger because it is locked with a bio-lock.

The Combine. You know, those guys that took over the entire would in eight hours? Yeah, those guys. Not the tractors.

If you see Civil Protection, don't be a little shit to them unless you are armed and will kill them. Chances are is that they'll kill you if you aren't armed and you break their laws. If you see OTA, fucking run unless you have a high enough caliber to destroy them. OTA are not human. They are trained to kill. They have armor which rebels rumor is as strong as tank armor.


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